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(once a developer)

Telling your own stories is a great way to reflect on how you got somewhere and share any value knowledge learned along the way. I began my journey in writing code probably much earlier than most. I took it all the way through childhood into my career. In fact, I can trace it back in my mind to a memory of me asking my parents about how a URL should be formatted to correctly pull up a website when I was about 9 years old.

I became fascinated with computers and I wanted to understand how they worked. I was only trying to understand computers for the sake of my own curiosity and then once I understood them I could move on to something else (little did I know how deep the rabbit hole would go). From there, my curiosity grew as my dad started down the journey of creating a dynamic website for his business clients to submit service requests. To be clear, he is not a software developer, but was able to learn enough of what he needed from books and the internet to make what needed to be made. I found the concept of creating a website to be so fascinating, the fact that you could just write some words into a text editor and that would somehow translate into a usable interactive application caught my attention. …

Taking the basics, a bit further

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As a software engineer, it is important to have a forward thinking mindset when designing the architecture for a web application. Sooner or later standards will change or better frameworks will be released (or even worse, currently used frameworks bite the dust). If sound business logic is in place, these changes won’t rock the boat too hard when trying to get new code back to a usable state.

This concept is a key one to grasp and use when developing react web applications. For the sake of this article we will simply focus on how it pertains to requesting data from an API and using it within the application. …


Micaiah Wallace

software engineer. minimalist. enjoy creative software solutions.

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